Family-owned and operated City Nut and Candy located in Hollywood, Florida is a wholesale nut and candy company that regularly services Italian markets like Doris’ Market and Lorenzo’s Market; supermarkets like Whole Food Markets and Albertsons; and Jewish Deli’s and specialty gourmet shops in the greater Miami Dade, Broward and Palm Beach areas.We are honored to now bring you our select roasted and natural nuts, fresh dried fruits and simple seeds, and rich dark, milk and sugar free chocolates online.Great for gourmet baking, healthy snacks and party gifts we hope you find many creative uses for our products delivered to you promptly at direct from wholesale prices.

Now meet the family:


JAY BOLNO, president of City Nut and Candy, started this Company in 1986 to support his three growing (and always hungry) kids: Zack, Nikki and Loren. Not much of a Mr. Mom, the one staple we kids could always count on was a 40 lb box of nuts in the freezer (tip: keeps the nuts fresh for weeks!).

POP-POP BEN AND GRANDMA BEATRICE moved down from our native Philadelphia to help Dad build the business and take care of us kids.Business savvy Pop (started his career working for the newspaper the Philadelphia Ledger at age eight to help feed his family and later went on to own one of the first appliance stores in the Philadelphia area after WWII) and sweet patient Grandma (who looked like Scarlett O’Hara) helped Dad corner the Chinese food market (who doesn’t love cashew chicken!), made personal deliveries to local markets even though Pop could longer see the highways signs (Grandma navigated), and could regularly be heard answering the phones with a proud and bellowing ”City Nut!”Pop and Grandma’s love of family is the heart of our Company. It drives our family to work as a team and makes us strive to make City Nut and Candy everyone’s favorite nut and candy shop.So meet the rest of the team.

bolnosNIKKI BOLNO is vice-president of sales.She takes after her Dad.She’s sharp, efficient and professional.If there’s something you need product-wise, or other, she will be there in a heartbeat.

ZACK BOLNO is still hoping Dad will change the name of the Company to City Nut and Son, but until then is a source of constant support, entertainment and PR Director for the Washington Wizards – Go Wizards!

LOREN BOLNO DONNELL, for whom this website is a labor of love, is hoping Dad will change the name of the Company to City Nut and Daughters but until then is practicing employment law.


BEN DONNELL, Loren’s husband, hopes Loren will continue practicing law but supports her loyalty and love of City Nut.As such, he performs the endless task of being City Nut’s graphic artist and did the beautiful photography of the products for this website and created the awesome design logo for which City Nut and Candy is known.

We hope you like our site and we know you’ll love our products!If you have any questions just call Jay at 954-929-4311.

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